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cli_handle.h File Reference

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char cli_tree_add (clicon_handle h, char *tree, parse_tree pt)
int cli_parse_file (clicon_handle h, FILE *f, char *name, parse_tree *pt, cvec *globals)
char * cli_tree_active (clicon_handle h)
int cli_tree_active_set (clicon_handle h, char *treename)
parse_tree * cli_tree (clicon_handle h, char *name)
int cli_susp_hook (clicon_handle h, cli_susphook_t *fn)
char * cli_nomatch (clicon_handle h)
int cli_prompt_set (clicon_handle h, char *prompt)
int cli_logsyntax_set (clicon_handle h, int status)
cli_syntax_tcli_syntax (clicon_handle h)
int cli_syntax_set (clicon_handle h, cli_syntax_t *stx)

Function Documentation

int cli_logsyntax_set ( clicon_handle  h,
int  status 
char* cli_nomatch ( clicon_handle  h)
int cli_parse_file ( clicon_handle  h,
FILE *  f,
char *  name,
parse_tree *  pt,
cvec *  globals 
int cli_prompt_set ( clicon_handle  h,
char *  prompt 
int cli_susp_hook ( clicon_handle  h,
cli_susphook_t fn 
cli_syntax_t* cli_syntax ( clicon_handle  h)

Get current syntax-group

int cli_syntax_set ( clicon_handle  h,
cli_syntax_t stx 

Set current syntax-group

parse_tree* cli_tree ( clicon_handle  h,
char *  name 
char* cli_tree_active ( clicon_handle  h)
int cli_tree_active_set ( clicon_handle  h,
char *  treename 
char cli_tree_add ( clicon_handle  h,
char *  tree,
parse_tree  pt