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clixon_cli.h File Reference
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <clixon/clixon_cli_api.h>

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int plugin_init (clicon_handle h)
int plugin_start (clicon_handle h, int argc, char **argv)
int plugin_exit (clicon_handle h)
char * plugin_prompt_hook (clicon_handle h, char *mode)
char * plugin_parse_hook (clicon_handle h, char *cmd, char *name)
int plugin_susp_hook (clicon_handle h, char *buf, int prompt_width, int *cursor_loc)

Function Documentation

int plugin_exit ( clicon_handle  h)
int plugin_init ( clicon_handle  h)

Clicon Cli plugin callbacks: use these in your cli plugin code

Called when plugin loaded. Only mandadory callback. All others optional

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char* plugin_parse_hook ( clicon_handle  h,
char *  cmd,
char *  name 
char* plugin_prompt_hook ( clicon_handle  h,
char *  mode 
int plugin_start ( clicon_handle  h,
int  argc,
char **  argv 
int plugin_susp_hook ( clicon_handle  h,
char *  buf,
int  prompt_width,
int *  cursor_loc