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clixon_netconf.h File Reference

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typedef int(* netconf_cb_t )(clicon_handle h, cxobj *xn, cxobj **xret, void *arg)


int netconf_output (int s, cbuf *xf, char *msg)
int netconf_register_callback (clicon_handle h, netconf_cb_t cb, void *arg, char *tag)
int netconf_xpath (cxobj *xsearch, cxobj *xfilter, cbuf *xf, cbuf *xf_err, cxobj *xt)

Typedef Documentation

typedef int(* netconf_cb_t)(clicon_handle h, cxobj *xn,cxobj **xret,void *arg)

Function Documentation

int netconf_output ( int  s,
cbuf *  xf,
char *  msg 

Send netconf message from cbuf on socket

[in]cbCligen buffer that contains the XML message
[in]msgOnly for debug
int netconf_register_callback ( clicon_handle  h,
netconf_cb_t  cb,
void *  arg,
char *  tag 

Register netconf callback Called from plugin to register a callback for a specific netconf XML tag.

int netconf_xpath ( cxobj *  xsearch,
cxobj *  xfilter,
cbuf *  xf,
cbuf *  xf_err,
cxobj *  xt