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clixon_yang_parse.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  ys_stack
struct  clicon_yang_yacc_arg
struct  yang_userdata




int yang_scan_init (struct clicon_yang_yacc_arg *ya)
int yang_scan_exit (struct clicon_yang_yacc_arg *ya)
int yang_parse_init (struct clicon_yang_yacc_arg *ya, yang_spec *ysp)
int yang_parse_exit (struct clicon_yang_yacc_arg *ya)
int clixon_yang_parselex (void *_ya)
int clixon_yang_parseparse (void *)
void clixon_yang_parseerror (void *_ya, char *)
int ystack_pop (struct clicon_yang_yacc_arg *ya)
struct ys_stackystack_push (struct clicon_yang_yacc_arg *ya, yang_node *yn)


char * clixon_yang_parsetext

Macro Definition Documentation


Function Documentation

void clixon_yang_parseerror ( void *  _ya,
char *   
int clixon_yang_parselex ( void *  _ya)
int clixon_yang_parseparse ( void *  )
int yang_parse_exit ( struct clicon_yang_yacc_arg ya)
int yang_parse_init ( struct clicon_yang_yacc_arg ya,
yang_spec *  ysp 
int yang_scan_exit ( struct clicon_yang_yacc_arg ya)
int yang_scan_init ( struct clicon_yang_yacc_arg ya)
int ystack_pop ( struct clicon_yang_yacc_arg ya)
struct ys_stack * ystack_push ( struct clicon_yang_yacc_arg ya,
yang_node *  yn 

Variable Documentation

char * clixon_yang_parsetext