The project

The Clixon open-source project provides tools for automated configuration management include:

and others.


Clixon provides an interactive CLI, NETCONF, and RESTCONF configuration interfaces for YANG-based devices. It generates the interfaces from YANG models, and uses an embedded database with transaction support.

You can integrate Clixon with your device to add a configuration interface based on YANG. Typical devices include routers, firewalls and optical devices. It is primarily used for networking devices, but can be used by any device with a YANG model

Clixon resources:

Users of Clixon include:

Clixon is available as dual license GPLv3 or Apache2.

The Clixon controller

The Clixon controller is an open-source tool for network automation of devices based on NETCONF and YANG.

The controller is an extension of Clixon to controll multiple devices. The controller configures multiple devices via NETCONF over SSH and a Python script engine. It can be used for generating, deployment and maintenance of device configurations.

Controller resources:

Users of the Clixon controller include:


CLIgen is the CLI generor part of Clixon.

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